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Italian Requests for Preliminary Rulings

Annalisa Aschieri

This article explores the dialogue between Italian administrative courts and the CJEU in the years 2014 and 2015 in the field of public contracts. It investigates whether and to which extent there has been an effective communication capable of strengthening the integration between the EU and Italian legal system. Italian courts have tried to bring forth a dialogue with the CJEU that aims at promoting a more valuable and interconnected system of EU legal and cultural integration that can well fit within the challenge of a working Internal Market. In this regard, the functioning of any market system depends on a prior cultural and legal background integration, which can be formed only through a bottom-up dialogue between the key actors of such system, courts. This article examines the nature of such dialogue and identifies areas of convergence and misalignments in the interpretation of EU principles, core notions and exemptions in order to better understand the role played by each court and their contribution to the creation of an integrated legal system.

Ph.D. Candidate at the Universities of Torino and Maastricht. I am grateful to Professor Roberto Caranta who gave me a precious help supporting me in the research and drafting of this article. All mistakes are mine.


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