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Public Procurement Awarding Procedures, Incentives and Efficiency in Serbia

Slavica Joković


This paper analyses the awarding procedures in Serbia from the point of view of compliance of national legislation on public procurement with the new Directive on public procurement (Directive 2014/24/EU). With particular reference to the Law on public procurement in Serbia, it highlights some differences in public procurement procedures concerning qualification procedure and innovation partnership, as well as the use of the negotiated procedure without prior publication. In addition, the paper examines the Public Procurement Law incentives to promote green procurement, social requirements, participation of small and medium sized enterprises, and innovation in public procurement. In view of harmonisation of the domestic legislation with the new Directive, it gives a review of this Directive’s relevant provisions concerning environmental and social requirements, and innovation. It will be important to strengthen the administrative capacity of all main institutions in the public procurement system, particularly the Public Procurement Office and the Republic Commission for the Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures, in order to ensure more efficient implementation of public procurement procedures. It finally notes that one of the priorities according to the Public Procurement Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia for the period 2014-2018 is to increase the efficiency of public procurement at the operational level. Increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the public procurement system is one of the priority areas addressed by this Strategy, as well as promoting the environmental and social aspects, participation of small and medium sized enterprises, and innovation in public procurement.

Slavica Joković PhD, Freelance Consultant and Writer. DOI: 10.21552/epppl/2016/4/14


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