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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Danish Public Procurement

Marta Andrecka


Keywords: CSR, Sustainability, Danish, Public Procurement, SPP, Corporate Social Responsibility, horizontal policies, labour rights, human rights, Denmark

The new EU Procurement Directives reinforced the importance of sustainable development by facilitating the strategic use of public procurement to achieve broader societal goals and as such offer significant new opportunities for sustainable public procurement. The task of today is to better understand the continuously developing concepts of SPP, as well as to identify the drivers and barriers that promote or hinder its further implementation. This article firstly deals with the relationship between the concepts of sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and public procurement. Secondly, as Denmark has been known as a pioneer in sustainable development, including implementation of it in public purchasing this article focuses on recent developments in the areas of CSR and sustainable public procurement in Denmark, and analyses relevant Danish Public Procurement Complaints Board decisions.

Marta Andrecka, Assistant Professor at the Centre for Enterprise Liability (CEVIA), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, e-mail: <>. The article is a contribution to the author’s research project funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and a contribution to CEVIA’s project on Public-Private Enterprise Liability funded by the Danish Research Council for Independent Research. Thanks to AD Baunerhøj, M Pagel Fray and C Risvig Hamer and the participants of the conference Procurement beyond price: Sustainability and CSR in public purchasing, 4-5 May 2017 in Copenhagen for their contributions and comments.


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