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Public Procurement and Equipment:

A Historical Innovation

Ioannis Vidakis, Dimitrios Georgantas, George Vlachos


Keywords: public procurement, defence contracts, naval equipment, Ancient Athens, Themistocles

This article connects the politics, strategy, economy, and armament programmes of ancient Athens, during the time of the general and leader Themistocles. It refers, in particular, to the decision of the city to build a strong fleet, as well as to the methodology of assigning, financing, and implementing this massive project, considering the state of the city at that historical period. The article attempts to present a historic innovation, which was quite successful, conveying an optimistic message of a proportionate, effective response to the current challenges our country (Greece) is facing, in the fields of national security and economy. The text aims to encourage the ability to think critically among the readers regarding the crucial role Themistocles played in the course of history and the need to realise that the promotion and support of capable and qualified leaders are of paramount importance for small nations.
Keywords: public procurement; defence contracts; naval equipment; Ancient Athens; Themistocles

Ioannis Vidakis, PhD Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, School of Business (based in Chios), University of the Aegean, MA in Economics, Naval Science and Strategy, MSc. Logistics, Commodore (ret.), Hellenic Navy, Supply Corps. For correspondence: <>. Dimitrios Georgantas, ΜA in Defense and Strategic Studies, Naval Science and Strategy, MSc. Logistics, Rear Admiral (ret.), Hellenic Navy, Supply Corps. For correspondence: <>. George Vlachos, Economist and Administrative and Political Scientist, MSc. in Data Analysis in Global Politics, Captain (ret.), Hellenic Navy, Supply Corps. For correspondence: <>.


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