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The Development and Critical Junctures of EU Public Procurement Rules Vis-à-Vis the Prevention of Bid Rigging

Penelope Giosa


Keywords: bid rigging, collusion, EU Procurement Directives, competition, transparency

This article argues that the prevention of bid rigging has not been factored into the policy design of the EU Public Procurement Rules in a systematic and consistent way. As it will be shown, the critical junctures of EU Public Procurement Rules did not emerge alongside the anti-cartel legislation in Europe, but entirely independently of the latter. As a result, the current European Public Sector Directive 2014/24/EU is not adequately collusion proof and there is still a long way to go.
Keywords: bid rigging; collusion; EU Procurement Directives; competition; transparency

Dr Penelope Giosa, Lecturer in Law at the Portsmouth Law School, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. For correspondence: <>.


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