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A Glance into Smart Cities and the Procurement of AI Based Solutions

Ana Lucia Jaramillo, Katerina Nikolaidou


Keywords: data, artificial intelligence, smart cities, innovation procurement

The public sector in Europe can make use of artificial intelligence (AI) to boost its digital transformation. To improve public services in alignment with the European democratic values, principles and rights, public procurement can leverage the innovation of AI for the public good. Both AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), fueled with quality data, offer new possibilities to spark the innovative power of a city, a Smart City. The potential of AI is at the tip of our mobile phones and the connection to networks where data is shared. This can be useful to citizens and administrations, but not without challenges and risks. Therefore, this article explores what a Smart City is, and the benefits and risks of AI based solutions in the context of Innovation Procurement. It offers examples and refers to legal and ethical frameworks for the reuse of data.
Keywords: data, artificial intelligence, smart cities, innovation procurement

Ana Lucia Jaramillo Villacis (LLM) is a legal consultant and researcher at Corvers Procurement Services B.V. For correspondence: <> Katerina Nikolaidou (LLM) is a Founder at Kinnon Legal Services, legal consultant and EU Public Procurement Expert. For correspondence: <>.


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