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INTERNATIONAL AND INTERDISCIPLINARY ∙ Policies to Stimulate Industrial Innovation by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises:

Lessons Learned from the Public Procurement of Innovation during Emergencies


Andrea S Patrucco, Ana-Maria Dimand, Désirée U Klingler


Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises, innovation, emergency management, procurement of innovation

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have faced a heavy economic burden and uncertainty due to a contraction in resources and markets. As the world returns to normal conditions, we aim to synthesise key lessons from the pandemic and discuss which emergency actions should become routine to prevent or minimise the negative economic impact of future crises on SMEs and their innovation power. This paper reviews academic and non-academic literature on how governments can stimulate industrial innovation in SMEs based on experiences from public procurement of innovation during the pandemic. Our findings indicate that public procurement of innovation is a crucial tool to stimulate both the economy and new ideas. Against this backdrop, we propose the implementation of three related procurement policies: inter-agency and inter-governmental collaboration in the public procurement of innovation, cooperation partnerships between the government and firms, and the adoption of practices that encourage SME participation in the procurement of public innovation contracts.
Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises; innovation; emergency management; procurement of innovation

Andrea S Patrucco, Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing & Logistics, College of Business, Florida International University. He is the corresponding author: <>. Ana-Maria Dimand, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration, Boise State University, School of Public Service, <>. Désirée U Klingler, Research Fellow at Yale Law School and PhD Candidate at the University of St. Gallen, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, <>.


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