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PPP for Sustainable Development Goals: Still Untapped Potential

Iryna Zapatrina, Anna Shatkovska


Keywords: Public-Private Partnership, Sustainable Development Goals, Infrastructure, Sustainability Reporting, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, European Sustainability Reporting Standards

Recently, attention to the issue of extending the role of public-private partnership (PPP) in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has significantly increased. There are several reasons for this: a serious lag behind the planned indicators for achieving the SDGs, largely due to the unsatisfactory state of life support infrastructure in countries of developing economies; a constantly widening infrastructure gap; and the insufficient use of private businesses to create the infrastructure critical to achieving the SDGs. To ensure the active participation of private businesses in this process, new institutional mechanisms are needed. Some of these mechanisms, providing for the assessment of compliance of projects with the SDGs, have already been created and are actively promoted for the implementation of PPP projects. This article contains an analysis of these mechanisms and recommendations for incorporating new approaches to assessing the sustainability of businesses interested in implementing infrastructure projects of public interest into the PPP process, based on the principles laid down in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and European Sustainability Reporting Standards.
Keywords: Public-Private Partnership; Sustainable Development Goals; Infrastructure; Sustainability Reporting; Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive; European Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Iryna Zapatrina is a Doctor of Economics, Professor, the Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian PPP Development Support Center, Kyiv, Ukraine. Anna Shatkovska is a Ph.D in Economics, President of Academy of Public-Private partnership, Kyiv, Ukraine.


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