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Unravelling Critical Success Factors in Public-Private Partnership Implementation

A Comprehensive Examination of Kenya's Public-Private Partnership Achievements and Challenges

Natasha Chiswa


Keywords: Public-Private Partnership, critical success factors, infrastructure development, Kenya, Sub-Saharan Africa

Public private partnerships (PPPs) have emerged as a dynamic means for nations to enhance infrastructure development, spur economic growth, foster innovation, engage the private sector and optimise financial resources. These collaborations hold the potential to transform governments' capacity to achieve comprehensive development objectives and attract crucial investments. However, implementing PPPs effectively is a multifaceted endeavour, requiring a thorough examination of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to ensure enduring benefits. CSFs lie at the heart of successful PPP execution, shaping a culture of excellence within organisations and ensuring success throughout the planning, identification and assessment phases. Kenya stands as a prominent example, having established a transparent legal framework for PPPs within its borders. Kenya's persistent efforts to catalyse private investment in infrastructure development provides a valuable case study. This research primarily employs a doctrinal approach, examining existing legal documents and materials to understand the strengths and challenges of implementing PPPs. The paper's main objective is to critically evaluate the CSFs to ascertain the implementation practicality of PPPs. By closely analysing these legal foundations, the article aims to uncover the intricacies of Kenya's approach to PPPs. Through a thorough assessment of CSFs, this research aims to provide valuable insights to guide policymakers and enhance the effectiveness of PPPs.
Keywords: public-private partnerships; critical success factors; infrastructure development; Kenya; Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lecturer of Law; O.P Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana, India 131001.


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