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The Value of the Value for Money Principle: journal article

From a Public Private Partnership Perspective

Christina D. Tvarnø

European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review, Volume 15 (2020), Issue 4, Page 282 - 291

The article concerns Public Private Partnerships and the value for money principle. The article presents an analysis of the British value for money principle, the lack of similar principle in the EU public procurement law and the importance of value for money in regard to Public Private Partnerships. This article does not question the key principles of transparency, equal treatment, proportionality, non-discrimination, and competition but discusses the value for money as a relevant legal instrument in regard to Public Private Partnerships in EU public procurement law. Keywords: Public Private Partnerships, value for money, public procurement law, Britain, EU law

Legal Analysis of State Support in Public Private Partnerships in Turkey journal article

Bahar Bayazıt

European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review, Volume 15 (2020), Issue 3, Page 209 - 215

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) became an important part of public service delivery in Turkey as many of the infrastructures are built via PPP models, even though there is a lack of harmonised and unified PPP legislation. State support is given to project companies in order to reduce the assumed risks and consequently ensure the value for money in PPPs. Even though state supports are expected to be a balancing mechanism so as to realize value for money in the projects, state support is given and paid to project companies so far in Turkey shows that they are used in order to attract the private sector into PPP projects rather than ensuring value for money. Keywords: guarantees, public private partnerships, State support, value for money, Turkey

The Need for Emergency Public Procurement Legislation in China: journal article

Lessons from COVID-19

Jun Chong

European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review, Volume 15 (2020), Issue 2, Page 168 - 173

Under the epidemic situation, materials are in short supply, but traditional procurement cannot meet the needs of emergency speed. This article compares and analyses the regular Chinese procurement methods with the US and EU emergency procurement methods, so as to obtain the methods suitable for China's emergency situation, and calls for emergency procurement legislation. At the same time, this article discusses the scope and principles of emergency procurement, emphasising that emergency procurement should not be abused and still follow the principle of value for money. Keywords: COVID-19, emergency public procurement, procurement methods, value for money, US public procurement, EU public procurement, China public procurement

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