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EPPPL 2/17 is out now! Energy Performance Contracts, Concept of Conflict of Interests and more


The summer issue EPPPL 2/2017 clearly mirrors the diversity of questions emerging in the sphere of public procurement and PPPs. Our editorial board member Steven Van Gaarse (et al.) expounds on Energy Performance Contracts for Governments, and our Baltic country correspondent Deividas Soloveičik (et al.) on the Concept of Conflict of Interests. Albert Sánchez-Graells offers moreover a Critical Assessment of the BBG-SKI JCBPP Feasibility Study. Get also valuable insights into analogous developments in Australia, India, the Philippines and Vietnam, and in particular the new World Bank Procurement Framework’s impact on developing countries. In addition, learn about national specificities reading our detailed country reports from Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Cayman Islands.

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