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EPPPL 2/2018 is out now! Procurement & PPPs in and beyond the EU

EPPPL 2/2018 sheds light on remarkable national procurement and PPP systems in an international comparative perspective. Read about the German Register of Competition, the post-Brexit procurement system in the UK, and convergences and divergences of the Europtunnel and Lombardy case. In addition, learn about the respective regulations in the EU vicinity such as the legal framework for Serbian PPPs as well as the frictional coexistence of preferential procurement under bilateral “Tied Aid” agreements and the principle of non-discrimination under EU Stabilization and Association Agreements in the case of Kosovo. On top of that, the summer issue offers insights into best practices from Nigeria boosting investments into PPPS through better risk mitigation risks. At last, country reports from the Cayman Islands as well as Cyprus put in a nutshell recent relevant national developments.