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EPPPL 2/2020 – Fine-tuning Public Procurement to Address Bigger Problems

Issue 2/2020 of the European Procurement & Public Private Partnerships Law Review (EPPPL) shows how public procurement, when designed and applied properly, can help address major environmental or economic issues. This edition also offers expert insights into all levels of the public procurement world: regional, national, European and international. The comprehensive Articles section discusses: a new methodology for improving penetration by SMEs in EU public procurement, an analysis of the rules on post-award amendments to public works contracts due to additional works and unforeseeable circumstances, the exclusion of certain legal services from Directive 2014/24/EU, best practices from Catalonia and Barcelona in sustainable public procurement, Croatia’s experience in public procurement and natural disasters, and a comparative assessment of emergency procurement methods, with a case study on COVID-19, in China, the EU and US.

In the Case Law section, read two annotations, both of which originate from Italy and deal with subcontracting:

Also in this issue of EPPPL, two national reports – from Switzerland and the Cayman Islands


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