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EPPPL 1/2021 Out Now

Issue 1/2021 of the European Procurement & Public Private Partnerships Law Review (EPPPL) is now available! Read the insights in this edition’s articles: a critical analysis of the UK’s Green Paper on post-Brexit public procurement reform, a UK practitioner’s recommendations how to make the purposes of public procurement regulations deliverable, the special public procurement rules enacted in Portugal in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, a look back at the development of EU rules on bid rigging, an assessment of the UN Guiding Principles and the EU approach to role of the State as buyer for business and human rights, a study on applying the Unfair Contract Terms Directive to public contracts, a historic perspective – returning all the way back to Ancient Athens – on the innovative use of public procurement and equipment, and finally, in another article that analyses the evolution of EU law – the CJEU’s case law on contract modifications over the decades.



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