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EPPPL 2/2021 Out Now

Issue 2/2021 of the European Procurement & Public Private Partnerships Law Review (EPPPL) is out now! In this forward-looking edition of EPPPL we feature several contributions deal with major future developments in the fields of public procurement and PPPs. Prof Christopher Bovis, EPPPL’s managing editor, outlines in his editorial the agenda for the next new priority in EU public procurement - utilities procurement. Also offering analyses of future trends are the articles on e-procurement for PPPs and concessions, the exclusion of third-country suppliers from EU public procurement, focusing on Chinese bidders in Romania, and India’s prospective accession to the WTO’s Government Procurement Agreement. The articles section is completed by valuable reflections on single bidder procurements, the EC Notice on how to tackle collusion, and a Bolzano Province case study on concessionaire’s performance assessment in PPPs.

Read the latest updates from the Member States in EPPPL’s country reports section:

  • Hungary: Electronic Transformation and New Public Procurement Rules
  • Portugal: Amendments to the Framework Law on Public Procurement

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