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EPPPL 3/2021 Out Now

Issue 3/2021 of the European Procurement & Public Private Partnerships Law Review (EPPPL) is now available! The application of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), FinTech and electromobility, to the world of public procurement is a red thread running through several of this issue’s articles and country reports. The EPPPL 3/2021 articles section offers:  a deep-dive into the concept of self-cleaning in EU public procurement law and its transposition in Poland, an analysis of the rules applicable to the rejection of abnormally low and non-compliant tenders in the EU, an assessment of cultural considerations in procurement procedures, a look into how the public sector in Europe can use AI-based solutions to boost its digital transformation and improve public services, a reconsideration of the administrative and international law governing public procurement in light of FinTech applications facilitating procurement, a discussion of recent Belgian judgments annulling public procurement contracts when they were awarded in breach of the rules regarding transparency.


Read the latest updates from the Member States in EPPPL’s country reports section:

  • Croatia: Upcoming Amendments to the Croatian Public Procurement Act
  • Italy: Latest Public Procurement Intervention to Hinder the COVID-19 Economic Crisis
  • The Netherlands: Strengthening Remedies for Tenderers
  • Slovenia: Case Study of Implementing Electromobility Under a PPP Approach
  • Iraq: Public Procurement Problems and Possible Solutions


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