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Can the Implementation of Full E-Procurement into Real Life Address the Real Challenges of EU Public Procurement?

Petra Ferk


This paper deals with the question whether the implementation of full e-procurement into real life could address the real challenges of EU public procurement and bring us closer to the historical objectives, due to which the public procurement procedures were introduced into EU law. It happened in order to develop a single (public procurement) market, which should result in increase of cross-border trade. In the first part of the paper, the Author deals with the objectives of introducing full mandatory e-procurement as a key novelty of the 2014 EU Directives and discusses bringing e-procurement into real life as a complex challenge. It examines whether Member States, when implementing e-procurement, follow the same objectives as identified in the 2014 EU Directives. In the second part of the paper, the current state of development of the e-procurement market is being analysed alongside the key challenges of EU public procurement that hinder the development of the single (public procurement) market. In the final part of the paper, a possible approach of implementing the full e-procurement into real life is identified, which could address real challenges of e-procurement and eventually lead closer to the fulfilment of historical objectives of a coordinated implementation and management of the procurement process in the EU.

Petra Ferk, Ph.D, Co-founder and Researcher at the Institute for Public-Private Partnership, Slovenia, Assistant Professor for Public Administration at Graduate School of Government and European Studies, Slovenia.The Author would like to thank Prof Dermot Cahill and Ama Eyo, Lecturer in Law, from Bangor Law School, UK, for their helpful comments on an early draft of this paper, initially presented at the Early Career Researcher Public Procurement Conference at the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies in London on 4 March 2016. The Author would also like to thank Mila Sullivan, M.Sc., MBA, PPP and Public Procurement Expert, Ireland, for her helpful comments. Should whatever deficiencies remain; they are, of course, the responsibility of the Author. DOI: 10.21552/epppl/2016/4/11


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