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Volume 11 (2016), Issue 4

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Christopher H. Bovis

Page 255 - 257


OPINION ∙ Brexit and the Trump Election: Finding a Way Forward for Transnational Procurement open-access

The Year That Changed Almost Everything

Christopher R. Yukins, Michael Bowsher QC

Page 258 - 262

Public Procurement within the Framework of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Zbigniew Raczkiewicz

Page 263 - 269

The Government Procurement Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: An Assessment of its Potential Impact

Robert D. Anderson, Philippe Pelletier

Page 270 - 291

Is There a Devil in the Details? Modification of Public Contracts in the EU and the US

Mari Ann Simovart

Page 292 - 300

The World Bank’s New Procurement Regulations

Jędrzej Górski

Page 301 - 310

The Evolution of Small Business Preferences in the United States and Selected Lessons Learned for the European Union

William Kirkwood

Page 311 - 319

Does Nigeria Really Need A Regulator for Public-Private Partnerships?

George Nwangwu

Page 320 - 326

Can the Implementation of Full E-Procurement into Real Life Address the Real Challenges of EU Public Procurement?

Petra Ferk

Page 327 - 339

The Exclusion of an Economic Operator Based on Significant or Persistent Deficiencies in the Performance of a Prior Public Contract

Miguel Neiva de Oliveira

Page 340 - 345

Lacking Partnership in PPP Projects

Marijke Nagelkerke, Marcelle van Valkenburg

Page 346 - 360

Public Procurement Awarding Procedures, Incentives and Efficiency in Serbia

Slavica Joković

Page 361 - 369

The Evolutionary Path of the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) within the Trans-European Networks (TENs): an Overview

Marco Ceruti

Page 370 - 376

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