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Compensation for Damages Incurred in Irregular Public Procurement Procedure

Annotation on the Judgment of the General Court (Third Chamber, Extended Composition) of 28 February 2018 in Case T-292/15, Vakakis kai Synergates v European Commission.

Zbigniew Raczkiewicz


Keywords: T-292/15, compensation for damages, irregular procurement procedure

In February 2018 General Court of the European Union delivered a Judgment in Case T-292/15. The Court agreed, partially, with the arguments raised by the Applicant, that the contracting authority (European Commission) committed irregularities in the procurement procedure ‘Consolidation of the Food Safety System in Albania (EuropeAid/129820/C/SER/AL). Consequently, the European Commission has been ordered to pay compensation for the damages suffered by the Applicant in relation to the loss of an opportunity to be awarded the contract and for the costs and expenses related to the participation in the procurement procedure.

Dr Zbigniew Raczkiewicz is Head of Calls for the Tender Sector at the Publications Office of the European Union. The ideas, comments and opinions expressed in the Article are those of the author only and should not be linked in any way with the official position of the European Commission.


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