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Business and Human Rights: journal article

The State as a Buyer

Ezgi Uysal

European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review, Volume 16 (2021), Issue 1, Page 52 - 64

Under the UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs), states are advised to be in a commercial relationship with economic actors that are considerate of their human rights influence. Given the amount of taxpayers’ money spent on procurement, public authorities can use their leverage to add social considerations into the procurement process. This article sets out whether public authorities can use their leverage to invite businesses to respect human rights as provided with the UNGPs. After providing an overview of the UNGPs and the EU approach, this article analyses the EU Public Procurement Directive adopted in 2014 which has promoted sustainability concerns with the use of green and socially responsible public procurement. It then establishes, that although prescribed under the Guiding Principles, the EU regime does not always allow human rights concerns to be integrated into the procurement. Keywords: UNGPs; business and human rights; public procurement; sustainability

Sustainable Public Procurement Best Practices at Sub-National Level: journal article

Drivers of Strategic Public Procurement Practices in Catalonia and Barcelona

Lela Mélon

European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review, Volume 15 (2020), Issue 2, Page 138 - 161

The strategic use of public procurement across the European Union to contribute to sustainable development has been underdeveloped and unequally distributed among the EU Member States, with seven Member States being sustainable public procurement leaders, and the rest of the Member States having a very modest sustainable public procurement uptake. While Spain has not been one of the best performers, the outstanding Catalan performance as a Spanish autonomous community calls for the analysis of the driving factors that enabled a high sustainable public procurement uptake at the regional and local level. The present article explores the policy coherence, the accompanying legal framework and the supporting activities that have been carried out in Catalonia to incorporate green public procurement as the default procurement option at the regional and local level to serve as a potential model for a transition towards green public procurement for other regional and local procurement authorities. Keywords: sustainability, green public procurement, best practices

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Danish Public Procurement journal article

Marta Andrecka

European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review, Volume 12 (2017), Issue 3, Page 333 - 345

The new EU Procurement Directives reinforced the importance of sustainable development by facilitating the strategic use of public procurement to achieve broader societal goals and as such offer significant new opportunities for sustainable public procurement. The task of today is to better understand the continuously developing concepts of SPP, as well as to identify the drivers and barriers that promote or hinder its further implementation. This article firstly deals with the relationship between the concepts of sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and public procurement. Secondly, as Denmark has been known as a pioneer in sustainable development, including implementation of it in public purchasing this article focuses on recent developments in the areas of CSR and sustainable public procurement in Denmark, and analyses relevant Danish Public Procurement Complaints Board decisions.

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