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Volume 18 (2023), Issue 2

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Christopher Bovis

Page 95 - 98


Abnormally Low Tenders:

Basic Concepts in Light of EU Procurement Directives

Mari Ann Simovart, Bettina Tugendreich, Ján Azud, Joseph Kunz

Page 99 - 111

Abnormality of Pricing for Public Contracts:

A Diachronic Lens in the Treatment of Price as a Condition of Contract Award

Christopher Bovis, Deividas Soloveičik

Page 112 - 120

Abnormally Low Price and State Aid

Wojciech Hartung, Tomasz Zielenkiewicz

Page 121 - 128

Examination of Tenders in Terms of Abnormally Low Price:

The Contracting Authority's Perspective

Katarzyna Kuźma, Caroline Lagendijk, Natalia Olmos

Page 129 - 138

Abnormally Low Tenders from a Competition Law Perspective

Rachel Scheele, Grith Skovgaard Ølykke

Page 139 - 149

Country Reports

Defence Procurement: Germany ∙ The Wind of Change Called Zeitenwende: Quo Vadis in Accelerated Defence Procurement, Germany?

Ingrid Reichling, Christopher Montgomery Vollert

Page 150 - 153

Defence Procurement: Greece ∙ A Report on Recent Military Contracts

Stelios Tsevas, Anastasia Panagiotopoulou, Mara Kokkoni

Page 154 - 157

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